Be Patient, Please!

Recently, some of my friends have found themselves at a crossroads. They have graduated college, some with an undergrad degree, others with a master’s. However, while they have the degree and are applying to jobs left and right, there is still hesitation. Why doesn’t anyone want to hire me? Have I chosen to work in... Continue Reading →

What I Learned in the Past 9 Months.

As my time working for AMVNX comes to an end, there are several realizations that I have made. I have narrowed them down to three distinct, but very important ones. Some are related to my work, others are a result of personal experiences over the past 9 months. However, all of them deserve to be... Continue Reading →

The Dreaded GRE.

My first memory of pondering college happened in eighth grade during my eighth period, Advanced Algebra II Diff. class. Ms. Hajj was teaching something algebra related on the projector, and I was not listening. I blame my best friend at the time, Brayden, for my lack of attention and note taking, as he was distracting me... Continue Reading →

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