Mulan And Moana Are My Sisters!

I've been a fan of the Disney Princesses ever since I was young, I mean who isn't?! Out of all the princesses though, Mulan is my fave. Mainly because she's a badass for saving all of China, but also because she's Chinese, which so am I!! Or at least that's where I was adopted from...... Continue Reading →

Let’s Make This House A Home!

We’ve all heard the phrase: Let’s turn this house into a home! Often times that means doing things such as personalizing where you live with furniture, photographs, and decorations. It means creating memories at this one spot that you come to at the end of a long day of work or school! As my big... Continue Reading →

Be Patient, Please!

Recently, some of my friends have found themselves at a crossroads. They have graduated college, some with an undergrad degree, others with a master’s. However, while they have the degree and are applying to jobs left and right, there is still hesitation. Why doesn’t anyone want to hire me? Have I chosen to work in... Continue Reading →

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