Weekend Getaway in Portland.

A quick visit to the City of Roses.


You know that summertime is quickly ticking away when you walk into Target and find enormous “Back to school!” signs hanging from the ceiling and the dizzying array of pencils, notebooks, and binders all tucked in the back corner of the store. A few years ago, seeing this was a reminder that fall semester was looming over the horizon. Now though, this emphasizes the fact that I will be leaving the country in just a few short weeks to teach English! Knowing that this summer would be the last few months I spend in the United States, I made it a goal to go on as many vacations as possible! I feel like I’ve kind of lived on airplanes and in cars with traveling to see my sisters, visiting Grand Teton and Yellowstone National park, and now Portland, Oregon!

This trip was sort of last-minute, but completely worth it. About a month ago, I reconnected with an old friend that I knew my second year of college. After catching each other up on the craziness of our lives, we decided our friendship deserved a vacation! But where to? Montana? Colorado? Texas? I finally suggested Portland, Oregon and he quickly agreed that this would be the perfect spot for a fun little getaway! Typically, I would do extensive research on the city and come up with a detailed itinerary that I would try my best to adhere to. However, for this trip, I was pretty lax about everything. We planned a hike and to visit downtown, and everything else we made up along the way. We flew to Portland early morning on Friday the 14th and returned the night of the 16th. That meant 3 days for lots of exploring.

I’ve decided instead of writing out everything we did, to just share our trip through some of the photographs I took! Some of the things we did I forgot to document, but hey some experiences are best left to the memory!

Portland Japanese Garden. 7.14.17.


Trail of Ten Falls at Silver Falls State Park. 7.15.17.

International Rose Test Garden 7.15.17.

Until Next Time,
Heather Mei

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