Be Patient, Please!

Recently, some of my friends have found themselves at a crossroads. They have graduated college, some with an undergrad degree, others with a master’s. However, while they have the degree and are applying to jobs left and right, there is still hesitation. Why doesn’t anyone want to hire me? Have I chosen to work in a location that’s best for me? Am I going to work for a company that will allow growth? Am I applying to a job that will make me happy? Am I even going down the path that I want to pursue?! After listening to my friends’ confusions and conflicting thoughts about their dreams and desires, I have found that I don’t really have a good, solid piece of advice to offer them, which is really frustrating!

After some thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that patience is one answer to their dilemma, despite standing in utter pandemonium aka finding a job after college.

Now before I continue, let me give a disclaimer: I am not a very patient individual. When I was in elementary school, I was that kid in art class that couldn’t wait the full 10 minutes for their paint to dry before adding another layer, turning my painting into a brown abstract smudge. When I was in high school, I was the girl friend that was irritated when my date showed up 3 minutes late to the restaurant. Now granted, there are two sides to every coin. Showing up consistently on time, develops a personality of natural responsibility and diligence. Wanting to get the job done quickly, frees up more time to explore and learn other things. However, showing up 180 seconds late isn’t the end of the world, and finishing long term goals early may lead to lost opportunities. Who really knows?

What I’m trying to get it though, is that in life, we need to remember to have patience.

Patience does several things:

1.     We Have More Time to Reflect If We Are Patient
When we are stressed out, our minds often times don’t work properly. We might feel defeated and confused. However, with time we are able to really ponder our current situation and the thoughts that come with it. We may find the fog in our mind disappearing and discovering realizations that change our perspective on the challenge all together.

2.     Patience Allows Us To Experience More Life
We all have goals, and typically we want those goals to be achieved as quickly as possible. However, the goals that we are striving for might shift and morph into slightly different versions of what we wanted at first (especially when considering that my friends and I are in our 20s)! If we are patient enough, we can live life to the fullest extent. And by that, I mean that with each experience we have, we completely live in that moment without distractions, and are able to learn new things along the way.

3.     Patience Leads To A Positive Attitude
As you may have heard before, all good things come with patience. Once success hits, we will feel a tremendous pride and happiness for our accomplishment. Which we should! Positivity is good for the soul and everyone around us, so it’s a win-win situation!

Unfortunately, even though patience is a virtue, the way that life works doesn’t exactly enforce that idea. We are given specific times to arrive at certain places. We are given deadlines to meet. We are told the amount of time we are supposed to work. These deadlines create a sense of unnecessary urgency inside of us. And I don’t know about you, but with all these time constraints, I find myself looking at the clock on my phone way too often, and not stopping to enjoy the moment.

Now for my friends who are looking for jobs, I understand their sense of urgency. They need somewhere to sleep and some food to eat! Therefore, having determination and persistence is essential! However, in my opinion, they may be slightly stressing themselves out too much. My small piece of advice for the day is that despite the fact that life is all about due dates and timing, don’t be overly eager to reach your destination. Remember to enjoy the current trail you are walking. 🙂

Until next time,
Heather Mei


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