UNL’s Korea Night 2017.



One thing that I love about UNL is that there are over 500 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), many of which are dedicated to spreading an awareness of different cultures. Each year several cultural RSOs will host a big event celebrating their culture. There’s Malaysia Night, a Japanese Festival, China Night, Omani Night, and many more. These events typically involve a dinner and performances, showcasing traditional and modern activities, as well as mini games and a dance party to end the night!

Last year, the Korea Student Association (KSA) held their first Korea Night. They tried to keep it pretty low key. The room they rented had no stage, and just several tables for volunteers to serve some Korean candies and snacks. There was a photo booth for students to dress up in traditional Korean clothes called hanboks if I’m not mistaken. KSA also planned to have students watch others perform some K-Pop routines, singing, and traditional fan dancing. My friend and I had volunteered to perform a mash up of Psy’s hits, including Gangnam Style and Daddy.

The event turned out to be very popular. So many students showed up that the crowd overflowed into the lobby outside of the event room! Korea Night 2016 was such a huge success that KSA decided to host a second one this year! I am fortunate to know one of the leaders of KSA, Jenny, and despite the fact that I have graduated from UNL she eagerly asked if I could perform this year for Korea Night on April 15th. Without hesitation, I agreed. Now I just had to find some peeps to dance with. That was back in March. I ended up getting a great group together and we got down to business. Before I knew it, we had picked out the songs and were learning choreography straight from YouTube. All of March and the beginning of April were consumed with dance rehearsals.

In the studio working hard, but even the hard working have time for a selfie! 4.2.17.

During one of our practices, we decided to name our group: Team Sticky Rice. PERF!

We are clearly performance ready. 4.14.17.

On top of the Korea Night rehearsals, I was still also attending weekly ballroom lessons, and working with my other two partners for my jive and west coast swing solos that I will be performing on April 29th. There was so much dancing going on that I started dreading going to dance practice…which is a rarity for me because dancing is my fave!

All the hard work paid off though, and Korea Night 2017 was one of the best events I have attended all year! Below is the link to the full performance as well as some pictures of the night! Enjoy!

What happens on stage…can happen off stage LOL. 4.15.17.


Team Sticky Rice!


And lastly the one who made it all happen, Jenny!

Until next time,
Heather Mei

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