Orange Was Apparently In.

Taking a moment to express a fashion regret.


Today was productive. I woke up at 8 A.M. this morning, walked to the Rec Center, and met my friend, Emily, to workout together. I ran 3 miles and did the dread stairs machine for 10 minutes. This is the first time in a month that I have worked out! On my way back to my apartment, I saw my other friend, Jasmine, in the distance and like any good friend would, I screamed, “Hey, Jasmine!!!” with my hand wildly flailing in the air. Naturally, I caught the attention of many more students than just Jasmine, however my ultimate goal to get Jasmine’s attention was a success, and that’s all I cared about.

I have known Jasmine since 9th grade, and we have managed to stay in touch throughout college despite the different paths our lives have taken us. We are the kind of friends that don’t speak for several months, but when we get together, we chat up a storm as if we have never been apart. So naturally, we immediately started spilling our current life issues to one another. We found a cozy spot in the Union and since I didn’t have work until 2 P.M. and Jasmine didn’t have class for a few more hours, we sat and talked, and talked…and talked some more.

Somehow, we ended up looking up old Facebook pictures of each other, and I began to notice a bizarre theme: Everything I wore was orange! Jasmine and I had a good laugh over that, along with nearly everything else we could critique about the photos. My “love” for orange came as quite the surprise to me though, because my favorite color in high school was not orange. It was blue. And orange, in my opinion, is just a gross color. Like orange is for prison suits, and spray tans, and Microsoft PowerPoint, and all those annoying traffic cones in the middle of the road. But hey, apparently I thought differently in high school.

So below, to commemorate my fashionably orange outfits, I have listed a stunning string of my high school life in orange.

My junior year prom dress was orange -_- 4.23.12
Random bathroom pic to celebrate the last first day of high school, wearing an orange dress. Classy. 8.17.12
I must have loved that orange dress, because I wore it for my senior photos too. 8.29.12
On Wacky Wednesday, I managed to fit in some orange. 10.10.12
It’s always the right time for a random hallway pic, wearing an orange tank top. 5.3.12
Last day of Senior Year, wearing an orange dress. 5.23.13
Can’t forget the orange high waisted shorts during summer. 6.23.13


I really must emphasize how much I hate the color orange. And how I do not have one single piece of clothing that color in my closet anymore. We all make mistakes, and apparently the color orange was one of mine.

Until next time,
Heather Mei

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