Hey there and welcome to my blog!

I have noticed that I tend to learn how to do life by trial and error. Probably not the most productive or effective way to learn, but none the less, that’s the method that I keep resorting back to. In an attempt to chronicle the hysteria of my life, I have created Hey Heather Mei (pronounced like may)! You can expect my blog to be that drawer in your kitchen that collects a bunch of random knick-knacks that can’t find a home in your lovely abode, but are paramount in certain instances. Such as the almost out-of-ink ink pen you need to sign a check, or the 2-year-old peppermint you grabbed on your way out of a restaurant that’s now needed to make your breath acceptable in public.

Essentially, my blog is a compilation of writing and photography inspired by the daily encounters I have with those that surround me. And while these experiences may seem frivolous at first, in the long run, when they are all strung together, they become the fundamental building blocks of my life. Which to me, is worth documenting! Unlike many beloved kitchen drawers out in this world though, I will try to make mine a little more organized for us!

My blog is split up into three categories:

  • An Experience...
  • A Thought
  • How To

My hope is to articulate my thoughts in the most organic and unapologetic way possible. Thanks for reading!

-Heather Mei


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